Things You Do When You Leave Home to Study in Another Country #1

  1. Download Messaging apps. A LOT of it. ALL OF IT.


…as if your family and friends are not on Facebook and are constantly on it. It’s scary to be, suddenly, the “foreigner”. Hey, that’s how you call people back home whom you think don’t actually belong. And now you’re IT. You’re the one who doesn’t belong and needs all these redundant programs to assure you that you can always talk to somebody familiar while you adjust to your new surroundings. This is helpful so you can talk to somebody while you are alone waiting somewhere or in the subway. Especially if you are in a country with another language. Or in a country where your physique makes you stand out like a sore thumb. It’s comforting, in a way. But later on, you learn to socialize, communicate with your broken new language or have them reach out to you. You gain new friends, ones worth keeping, too. If you don’t, then I tell you that you should. They might just end up to be on the other end of your messaging apps the next time you move into another country, comforting you in your, yet another, new world.

This one has got me through a lot of conversations from all over for the past 2 years. It dies on me now from time to time. But it’s like a lucky charm, a faithful companion on my first big step to discovering life alone in a new world.


And yeah, by the way, I have at least 12 social media apps on my phone including two Twitter apps. This number is increased by more copies on my iPod. But as much as these keep me in touch with the people I love back home, these apps have also allowed me to open conversations with new people. 🙂


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