Things You Do When You Leave Home to Study in Another Country #2

2. You make a list. of places to visit and go back to. of people to visit and meet again.

Going to another country makes you meet a lot of people from that country. And more. It’s not like you’re the only one who have decided to leave home and find yourself somewhere else. There will be a lot more people like you who, with braveness and fear, decide to take the step to find out for themselves what lies out there. You meet them, get over the initial awkwardness, or maybe the predisposed stereotypes you may have taken from growing from your own country, and then you realize that you actually met a friend. A REAL Friend. And if you are lucky enough, you get to meet a lot of these kindred spirits in your new place. Kindred spirits that will continually show you new places, literally, or through their own stories of home.

Then, one day, some of them would have to go, to a new country, back to their home countries or just move far away. But you know what? You realize that you are willing to keep these relationships not just with technology but with a promise of seeing them again. You don’t know when but you end up making a statement that one day you’ll have to meet again. And those places you used to dream of going to because of popular tourist spots become places you’d like to visit because of the people you look forward to meeting there. There’s something about living in another country and meeting friends from all walks of life that opens you up into the things you truly value. And no matter how impossible it seems to go around the world and visit them all, you still make a list. You still make a plan.  And see, for now, how the future pans out.


The List

Attend a future wedding in Nepal and India.

Visit two friends studying in Japan.

More reason to try to go to Brazil Olympics now that I know somebody from there.

Somebody is holding on my word to visit their beach house in Peru.

Go back to Trondheim, Norway.

Meet a friend from Kazakhstan who is studying in Poland.

Dance with somebody in Uruguay.

Have coffee with a friend in Costa Rica.

Meet a friend studying in Macau.

Take a photo with a friend and former roommate in Bahrain.

I told a friend that I’ll visit Mongolia.

Somebody is waiting for us to visit her in New Zealand.

There are a lot of people in the United States that I know but I shouldn’t forget to go around Texas.

Find my frisbee coach in Canada.

Have dinner in that expensive hotel in Singapore.

Let my dear cousin tour me around Bangkok.

Go back to Korea regularly to have a chat with friends.

Get an Irish Accent. (Kidding. but half meant. I hope I meet somebody from Ireland in the future)

Haha. Macedonia, maybe.

And surely, there’s a lot more to this list and there will be a lot more to come.


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