That Rough Piece

What if one day you realize that after years of running away, you don’t fit anywhere anymore? What if you’ve become a very odd piece of a puzzle? You’ve been cut out several times to fit different puzzles and still ended up too big, too small, too dull, too bright, or just plain wrong for puzzles you tried to fit into.

Should you keep looking? Keep moving? Keep running away? Or should you just force yourself into one puzzle? You can cut yourself more or try to spread yourself as far as possible to be big enough. Maybe nobody will notice that you don’t fit. Maybe you can make yourself believe that you are home.

You can settle. Or you can keep on fighting. Keep on changing. Bask in the beauty of every form and let go when it’s time to embrace another change. Keep looking forward to something better no matter how dark the times are because you have the light inside of you telling you that the end is not yet at this place. You can overcome the fear of being found out that you do not belong because deep inside of you, you are still yearning for a different home.

Embrace the roughness, the oddness, and the cuts that meet your piece because no matter how much it gets pressured, you know it never burns.


Because one day, that rough piece will be polished and it will finally find that puzzle it belongs to. Never odd, not an inch too small, not a color out of place, it will find it’s home among puzzle pieces that were waiting patiently, and eagerly, for that one piece.


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